August 14, 2013

Nothing too Exciting...

Just got a call that my box of meds arrive tomorrow. That means Lupron shots will be starting soon. So, no big news, but just a step closer to going to bring home our little babies!


  1. My lupron came yesterday in a cooled box. Last time my local pharmacy said room temp. Briova says to refridgerate, i wonder if that makes a difference? I start in 9 days.

    1. I have always received mine with cool paks. I just move it into the fridge. Katie told me to do that as well.

  2. Replies
    1. so true Britney! one step closer to hugging those little ones in my womb!

  3. I start "Loopy Lupron" next Friday, 8/23! Game on!

  4. Shannon how are you doing? Have not heard anything. How was your baseline?


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