August 12, 2013

Protocol Has Begun!

Well CD1 never arrived... so, per nurse Katie's instructions, I started Day 1 of OCPs on Saturday evening. She had me take an HPT first and then if negative, start my protocol. HPT was negative.

Today, I did my typical "write the protocol all up on a blank calendar page" routine and posted it in our bathroom. PookieBear saw it and asked when I started the "little" shots (Lupron) so she could help me. She has been right there with me for every Lupron shot the past 2 transfers. I told her the first shot wouldn't be for another week and a half. She said, "Just let me know and I will be ready to help" She then skipped away down the hallway. Seems like my little nurse is excited about our upcoming transfer!


  1. Yea. Very exciting. Praying for you and your little ones.

  2. Yay, glad things are moving along. Love that your PookieBear is so eager to help. Too cute.

  3. How sweet to have a little helper!


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