June 24, 2013

Houston Heat & Sarah's Science Lessons

Okay, I have lived in the Houston area most of my life and I am still not used to the intense summer heat and humidity we live through each year. Maybe it is equal to someone who lives in frigid areas and they are not used to the bone chilling cold winters they experience?

Not a lot of outside activities here unless they involve water, sunscreen, and breaks in the a/c when I have littles around! Some of the kiddos are hitting the books while the heat is intense in the afternoons to get caught up or work ahead in their studies. Others are working on money making ventures. Some are doing both!

I have been planning their studies for next year. Levi will be starting his sophomore year of high school and is determined to graduate a year early and take dual credits through CLEPs and our local community college. So, there is planning involved for me there. Elizabeth starts Kindergarten and is anxious to read, so I have been working with her this summer on different activities. Sarah, oh my, she keeps us busy. She loves science especially. You know, experiments like:

  • What will happen if I suck and eat toothpaste out of the tube? (flouride free natural kind--but still!!)
  • What will happen if I take all the paper napkins I can and shove them in a full glass of water my sister left on the table?
  • What will happen if I get into Mommy's purse and pull everything out super fast while trying to find her mint container before she sees me? 
  • What will happen if I get my stool and climb on the counter and turn on the water to wash my hands and the rest of my body and clothes and floor?
  • What will happen if I get the graham cracker bunnies out of the pantry and go sit under the table to eat them?
  • What will happen if I finger paint with daddy's shaving cream?
  • What will happen if I color with red pen all over brother's school papers?
  • What will happen if I open the 1 qt jar of baby wipe solution and put my arm in it and slosh all the water and soap all around?
See how inquisitive she is? ; )

I am happily busy and on my toes with this one!! She is FAST!! : )

And after we clean up everything? She puts her hands out to the side with the "I don't know" position and says "It all bodder" Meaning "See, it's all better now!"


  1. Sounds like you guys have been busy for sure! Never a dull moment with toddlers, is there? ;)

  2. Hilarious! I can only imagine what practice she gets in cleaning up : )

  3. The toddler years! One more thing for me to look forward to :)

  4. Oh my! FUNNY! I'm there with you sister -- suffering through the summer heat and humidity, planning for the next school year and trying to be faster than the little ones! Praying our Lord blesses you with lots of energy and grace! :)

  5. "Science expirements"--that's hilarious!!

  6. this is just soo much like Iris! they'd be two peas in a pod! :)


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