May 16, 2013

In Transit & All Clear

We received word that our 4 little ones are preparing for shipment today to arrive at the NEDC tomorrow. They will wait in their travel tank at the NEDC waiting for us to show up for our appointment on Tuesday. We are praying for safe travel for these precious babies. They have already been shipped around several times in their little lives.

Next, I went to the office where I am being monitored as a satellite patient. The doctor I saw said my lining was beautiful and that after seeing me through two transfers, she said "your body sure knows how to do this and everything looks beautiful". Okay, maybe not the words I would choose to describe everything, but it all says that we are a "go"!

I am now waiting on the call from nurse Katie to confirm and receive my appt time and Estrace dosage from here on out.

Exciting times!!

**edited: 3:00 p.m. CST I heard from Nurse Katie and she said my lining was 14 and my estradiol was 1,631. So I start the PIO injections tomorrow and lower my Estrace to 2x a day. I will have my transfer time given to me over the weekend.


  1. So glad that everything is a go!! Praying for your embies to arrive safely and that all goes well. And you get a BFP!!!

  2. Praying for you! <3


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