May 17, 2013

PIO, Estrace Scramble, Ironman, & More

IToday started my first PIO shot. I have to say this time around, I just warmed the syringe and went for it. I did not use a heating pad on the injection area like I have in the past. Short of trying to stop bleeding afterwards, it was a breeze. I have decided that this time around I will listen to Paul Washer sermons. Each shot is a 15 minute process and I do it 2x a day. So, I can listen to a sermon every two days. : )

I misplaced my main Estrace bottle. I have two Estrace bottles. One I put one week's worth of pills in, and the other I keep put away and use it to refill my little bottle. Why do I do that? Well, it makes it a lot easier to count out pills if I am not sure if I took a scheduled dose or not ; ) This morning I took my morning Estrace (the last in the little bottle) and went to get the "master" bottle and, uh, well, it wasn't there. Now, thankfully, there weren't that many left, and I am sure they will turn up, but I had to call a refill in. Well, my pharmacy had 8 pills. Yep 8. Well, that wasn't going to get me through the trip to the NEDC. So, I started calling around. I finally found a pharmacy (not around the corner that's for sure) that had 20 more tablets. Since Dr. K reduced me to 2 tabs a day, getting 20 would work. I drove to the first pharmacy and picked up my 8 pills and then Rhea went to get the others after work this evening. Whew! None of that was on my to-do list, but very grateful for the results. I panicked for a split second when my pharmacy said they were out. I calmed down ever so quickly and trusted the Lord and his absolute sovereignty over even the smallest detail in this adoption as one of my prescriptions!

Tomorrow we will be attending a graduation ceremony of one of Dustin's very best friends. Of course the graduation would be on "Ironman Day". Yes, Ironman Day means that moving around our area is...ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE most of the day the competition is going on. This is the 3rd year for Ironman to be in our neck of the woods and I know we have a great bike route and all with the scenery and curving roads, but the rest of us everyday folk cannot get out of our neighborhood and run even one errand on that day unless you have hours to spare. So, we are packing a cooler and are blazing a trail, at a snail's pace in the morning. 

Finally, we received a donation for $200. So, to refresh your memory....We needed $7,805. We have raised $6,454, and now only need $1,351 with 3 days to go! Amazing!!! Speechless at what the Lord is doing here!

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