May 9, 2013


(Sarah playing in her water table)

This is amazing to see unfold. Our children especially have been affected by the graciousness, love, and  support of so many from far and wide. From a stranger who donated $5 this week, to a family hosting a yard sale, to the donations of items for us to sell on ebay, our children have seen God's children pull together and minister to these little babies frozen in a warehouse in Minnesota waiting to be shipped to TN to meet us in a little less than 2 weeks!

We started April 1st needing $7,805 for the fees for the next transfer at the NEDC with our already adopted little ones through Snowflakes. We are $2,000 away from that goal. That is $5,800 in ONE month!

We are putting a few more things on ebay and going around the house looking for anything else we can sell. The Lord has been faithful to provide and we are excited to see this story continue to unfold! I was working with a seller on ebay and he called me a "tough cookie" at one point in the bargaining process. I said, "It's for our babies! It's all for our babies."


  1. It's so neat to see God provide! I'm looking forward to reading back to learn about your story!!!

  2. I can't wait to meet you guys! May 21st is in 9 days!! It is indeed amazing to see adoption fundraising work just when you need it! By FAITH!!

  3. Such an amazing testimony to God's faithfulness. Love it!!! Can't wait for the 21st!

  4. Praying for continued success, Shannon!

  5. see how many people love you!!!


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