May 6, 2013

Yard Sale #2 Total

As I mentioned in earlier posts, there was a family from our church who told us they would be hosting a yard sale in order to help us with our adoption. This family is amazing. They have a little 3 month old baby along with their other three kiddos at home. A busy momma she is, but still insisted on throwing a yard sale with her family to help bring our little babies home. The weather was once again wacky in out area bringing lots of wind and cold weather, but shoppers still came and they raised $398.50 for our adoption! That with a few more smaller ebay sales brings our total to $5,305. That means we need an even $2,500 left for the adoption. I am posting another $1,500 on ebay tonight and with less than 3 weeks to go, we are so very grateful to all who have loved these little ones by giving and so very hopeful for what the next few weeks will bring!

Estrace and I have a good relationship this time. I believe it is Senora Lupron that has it out for me bringing headaches as her souvenirs ; ) All for the babies though!

We have had choir performances over the weekend and today and we have piano recital tomorrow night. After that, we have 29 little chicks arriving and Rebecca is continuing to selling her little bunnies.

Here is a pic of one she has for sale. Cute huh?

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