February 28, 2013

First U/S and Blood Work Appt.--Check.

(this print was hanging on the wall of the ultrasound room at the RE's office today. Look at all those beautiful babies! Don't you love this?) 

Alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. Seriously? Yes, well, it did and I got up. I left the house at 6:45 to make it to the local RE's office for a 7:30 appt. arriving early for new patient paperwork.
I arrived on time, filled out my paperwork of 2 sheets of the standard "clerical" forms and then waited to be called back to get my blood work. I was brought to the back, blood was drawn, I was shown the bathroom so I could empty my bladder and then I was told to go to the ultrasound room where the doctor would meet me.

After a few minutes she came in, introduced herself and then did the ultrasound. She then said everything looked great and left. I say all of that because this office charged $250 for a first patient visit, $200 for the u/s and $100 for the blood draw. $250? really? I had already asked on the phone when setting my appointment if they would please give us a discount since we were self pay as I really wasn't coming for an exam/evaluation. I was turned down.

Today, as I was standing at the reception desk pulling my debit card out of my wallet after being told my total for the day was $550, I decided to ask again for a discount. I very kindly explained about our EA and that anything they could do would be a blessing to us. I was asked to wait in the waiting room while the office manager was consulted about the situation. I sat and prayed that the Lord would grant favor in this situation. I prayed that we wanted to be good stewards of the gifts that were brought to us by so many to fund this adoption. I knew that even if the answer was again, "no", I had tried my best.

A few minutes later, I was called back to the reception desk. The same office manager who had said firmly, "no." a few weeks ago, decided to give us $50 off our visit today! Praise the Lord!

A short while ago, My wonderful nurse Katie from the NEDC called to tell me my lining measured 5.4 which was in range as they are looking for a number below 6.0. My estradiol level was 15 and it was way below whatever number she said it needed to be below. So, we passed! I start Estrace tomorrow : )
My next u/s & blood work is 3/15 and then we leave for NEDC 3/19.


  1. That is an awesome picture! I'd love to find one similar for our nursery.

    That's such a blessing that you got a discount! Way to go with asking :)

  2. So glad they gave you a discount. Had our US and bloodwork too today. Just waiting on bw number. Dr that did ultrasound said my lining was nice and thin like they like to see right now. Hoping E2 is ok. Have not heard from katie today yet though.

    1. Please share your results when you get them!

    2. She just called me. 1.4 for lining and I think she said 27.6 for E2 (daughter was talking to me during the call :) So I am good to go to start Estrace on 3/3. Hoping the rest of this cycle goes this smoothly. By the way are you flying in from Dallas by Chance? We have a layover there on our way on the 19th.

    3. Great news! We are flying from Houston to Charlotte to Knoxville and same for the return. We fly out the 19th too : )

    4. We get in around 2 so maybe we will cross paths. If not there most likely at the clinic. We are getting close 13 days left. I can not beleive how quick it has gone. Praying for BFP all around maybe they will have an 80% success rate this cycle ;)

  3. It's amazing how God answers prayers! I'm excited for you. We have our initial appointment in May, so I'll be following your progress =)

  4. Praise the Lord for that $50 blessing! I'm glad that everything looked good today.


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