February 22, 2013

Lupron Only...

My iCal popped up a reminder that tomorrow is my last OCP dose. That means that I will only have my Lupron injection to do all week. I have an ultrasound and blood work scheduled for Friday morning  with a local RE and then if all looks good, I will start Estrace (sorry I haven't missed you little blue pill). For a week though, I just have one thing on my chart of "Meds to do"!

Elizabeth has been asking since I started Lupron if she could watch me "Do a shot". I said sure and she thought it was okay, but kept asking, "Doesn't that hurt Mommy?" Of all times for me to do an injection where the plunger was sticking and wouldn't go!  I had to give some pressure to it and it finally dispensed.  She then asked questions about the babies and why we couldn't see them yet and why I had to do shots for the babies. I love how she wants to learn and understand. Adults should slow down sometimes (including myself) to "understand" what the people we love are going through.

I had a little bleeding after this injection. She asked if she could "clean that up" for me. She then gave me a hug and offered me one of her Hello Kitty band-aids. I told her it would be okay.

I know it involved my injection, but it was a sweet time with her. She is so caring and loves these little babies so much.

Now Rhea? He was nowhere to be found. He cannot STAND needles. Yes, I will be doing PIO shots all by myself once again. Anything for the babies I always say! : )

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  1. Lol! My hubby was/ is not a shot person either! I'm diabetic and he has no idea how to give my shot- hopefully I never get into a spot where I need him to. Although those are much easier to give on your own than the PIO shots!!! He did help me with the ice. Lol! I will be thinking of you!


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