March 11, 2013

Why the Long Silence?

Days passed quickly that is for sure! Things are moving at a fast pace around the Robison home.
I have definitely had my hands happily full of activities that is for sure! In the last week I have...

  • Assisted Rebecca as she sold 3 litters of bunnies. The last one sold over the weekend. Here were the last 2 to go. 

  • Helped list things on ebay & our homeschool group to sell for adoption expenses. So far we have raised $130 this past week! Thank you Lord for the blessings.
  • Finished planning the rest of the academic year for each of the kiddos.
  • Took care of a long list of emails/phone calls/paperwork items that had been neglected. (still need to finish though)
  • Ordered our next round of egg layers to be delivered in May as Rhea and the boys are about finished with the new henhouse. Coyotes took several of our existing birds.
  • Helped set up a QuickBooks company on our computer for Rebecca to track income/expenses for her growing bunny business.
  • Put up ads for the investment property Rhea and his buddy own. They completely renovated the entire home. Here is the link to the CL ad

  • Had a fun filled visit with my sister and her two boys this past Thursday through Saturday.
  • Some random virus then hit our home after my sis left to go home. Rebecca went down Saturday night through Sunday night. Levi went down last night and is still down with sore throat and fever & praying the other kiddos stay well.
  • One of Rebecca's rabbits (English Spot) gave birth on Sunday to 6 little kits. 
  • Today consisted of juggling a busy toddler, a sick kiddo, a high school son who needed help with studies, a daughter who was recovering from being sick and moving slowly, a Pre-K-er who had a lot of energy to share.
So, EA update?
Can you believe we leave a week from tomorrow? This FET date is happening crazy fast! I am eating well and cut out coffee a few weeks ago. I have been off sugar since before Christmas. No these are not things doctor recommended, but I know my body and I know that it does best with no coffee and no sugar. We want my body to be in the best possible shape for this FET. We are preparing our "home" for these babies.

  • My last Lupron shot was last night. I will miss my little "shot helper". Elizabeth loved coming to help me and encourage me and always reminded which side of my stomach I needed to administer the shot in.
  • I am now on Estrace 3x a day and that is it for now.
  • I have my next u/s and blood work draw this Friday at 7:30a.m.
  • I then wait for the call from nurse Katie to instruct on my new Estrace dose & clearance to begin PIO injections.
  • Saturday if my Friday appointment went well, I start with 1 PIO injection .
  • Sunday I add a second PIO shot a day and continue taking the Estrace.
  • I continue doing the PIO shots 2x a day until after the FET.
  • We fly out on next Tuesday for Knoxville.
  • Our FET is scheduled for Wednesday at the NEDC.
  • Carol the embryologist will thaw 2 of our little ones and if they look good and strong, Dr. K will transfer the 2. If one of the 2 dies or one has few living cells before the transfer, Carol will thaw another one of our precious little ones. Dr. K will then thaw all embryos who have any living cells. This means we will have 2-3 of our little ones transferred at our FET. Even with 3 transferred, Dr. K said there is a 25% probability of multiples. The NEDC had close to an 80% positive PG rate for the last round of transfers in January. We remain hopeful that the Lord will bless us with a positive PG test too.
  • After taking it easy the rest of Wednesday and Thursday morning, we will fly home Thursday afternoon.
  • I am to continue to inject PIO 2x a day until our PG blood test 2 weeks after the FET.
Prayer requests:
  • For time management for me this week as I meal plan and cook for the kids and the family who will be staying her with our kiddos.  (We found out last week Sarah is definitely cannot handle cow's milk/cheese/yogurt).
  • For the virus that is here at our home to move on down the road and all of us to get/stay well.
  • my body to be well rested going into next week.
  • for my appt to go well on Friday and my body to be ready for the FET.
  • for me to not have a reaction this time to the PIO. (This time Dr. K prescribed a different carrier oil)
Thank you again for the texts, emails, and calls checking on me. It definitely means a lot to Rhea and I and our family to know you are thinking of us and praying. I will update at the latest on Friday after I hear back from nurse Katie!


  1. iris is giggly with glee over the bunny pictures. i had to stop typing and scroll up again! i'm so excited for your transfer!!! yay!!!!

    1. Thank you Rachel! I bet Iris is a cutie these days. Post some pics. I'd love to see her!

  2. We are so excited for you over here!! Praying for you dear friend!

    1. Thank you Tossell Family! We love you all and hope you and "little one" are doing well : )

  3. We are getting close. Also the investment property looks amazing! I still have one shot tonight and I start 3 estrace a day today. Praying we both have good results on friday. See you next week! I have a long list of stuff to do before my mom comes into town to watch my little girl.

    1. I'm super excited for you too! I will pray your to do list goes smoothly! PIO shots are right around the corner for us!

  4. Wow-You have been busy, girl! I've been praying for your upcoming FET and meaning to text you. But, yes, life has been busy here too. Excited for you guys! :)

  5. I see why you've been so quiet now! =) Thanks for the update! So excited for you!!

  6. Thanks Ashley for texting me. I appreciate it. It was just the nudge I needed to remind me that people care and are thinking of I must update the blog already!! ; )

  7. How exciting with your transfer coming up so soon. Hearing you talk about PIOs is making me nervous! That is my biggest fear right now. During my past IVFs, I didn't do PIO's just suppositories. I didn't realize you have to start PIO even before the transfer. Yikes!

    Love that you are getting close!

  8. Wow, friend! You have been quite the busy bee! Love the pics and the renovation job! We used to renovate houses as a side business until the market crashed. Would so love to get back to it!
    Can't wait for your transfer day! Praying for you!


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