January 9, 2013

To The Family in Florida:

Dear Family from Florida,

You reached out and gave $5 to our adoption fund today. I do not recognize your name, forgive me if I should. I want you to know what your $5 gift means to us this very day.

You may have read that we are close to $5,000 shy of being able to pay for our adoption. You may have read that our savings cannot even cover such an amount. You may have read where we wrote that even $1 is a huge help and brings us closer to our goal of bringing our babies home, but I want you to know how your timing of your donation was God's timing.

I have been struggling with patience in waiting on the Lord to provide in His timing. I have been anxious that it may very well be God's plan that we postpone our transfer because the funds are not there just yet. I know both of these areas are sin and I continue to confess these to the Lord and have asked a special friend to even pray for me in these areas of weakness for me.

I was on the phone this very morning with our agency letting them know that we would keep them posted, but by the 17th of January, we had to make the decision whether or not to keep the date for our transfer in March or postpone to the earliest after that in May due to lack of finances. I asked for their prayers.

It has been RAINING (yes, I shouted that ;) here in our area in Texas non stop since Sunday night. The super cold weather in the 30's and 40's has left temporarily or maybe for good. I even saw a mosquito today :(
I don't love winter, but I do like the cooler temperatures since most of the year it is unbearably hot and humid here.

So, today it continued to rain. Sometimes, weather with no sunshine and constant rain can be a struggle too for my demeanor. So, though, it was not a day of self pity or despair, I did find it a struggle to be productive and glorify the Lord by giving Him my best.

As I was pulling into the driveway to pick up our children from piano lessons, my phone beeped I had an email. I had a minute, so I looked to see what it was. I saw your $5 donation. We have not received a donation of any size in a few weeks. Then, I looked to see who it was from and saw that it was from one of our favorite parts of Florida and one of our favorite beaches.

So, thank you for sending me sunshine in the form of remembering the beautiful white sand and crisp blue waters our Lord created right in our very own country. Thank you for the sunshine of hope for these babies coming home. Thank you for the sunshine of promise that our Lord has this all in His hands and in His timing.

Yes, $5 meant a lot to our family this very day. Thank you. We are grateful for you.


  1. God always knows when we need a bit of encouragement. Praying that you get the money that you need when you need it. I know all too well the stress of finances regarding treatments.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award on my blog. :)

  3. Thats awesome! What a great reminder that God provides in ALL ways!~

  4. Love this! We also had to trust God for the finances for this past transfer and Jeff's Dad just offered to cover the whole thing back in December. We were so grateful. I pray that God will leave you astounded by His abundance this week! Praying!


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