January 6, 2013

Happy New Year Adoption Update

We had a wonderful Christmas. I admit, once again, I enjoyed the Christmas festivities myself and was not behind the camera as often as I had thought.

We did capture a few moments of the morning:

The kiddos put together one final update video for the Give1 Save1 fundraiser website. Follow THIS LINK to go see the video and the grand total. What a wonderful gift the boys gave in making this video with their friends and what a tremendous blessing Give1 Save1, our family, friends, and so many we have never met have been as they gave to us this Christmas to help bring our babies home. 

We have had many people ask how things were going with our adoption. Here is where things stand at this point:

Our adoption is finalized between the genetic family and our adoption agency, Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Nightlight needs a final payment and they will ship our tiny babies to the NEDC in Knoxville, TN where Dr. K will transfer our little ones to my womb. 

Rhea and I need to make a trip to Knoxville for a mock transfer and check up with Dr. K. Currently, we have an appt. set for Feb. 6th.

We need to pay our agency and the NEDC all final fees by March 1st

Dr. K will schedule us the week of March 19-21 for our Frozen Embryo Transfer.

Pretty exciting huh??

You guys have also asked how do the expenses break down for this type of adoption and do we have all the funds necessary for our adoption? 
We started this journey needing $15,000 and then found out recently that we were in need of $2,000 more. From the beginning, we have put in money from savings and have been blessed in so many ways by others who have helped us bring these babies home. Here is where we are:

Application Fees/Homestudy Update/Fingerprints & other official docs: $1,350
Nightlight Snowflakes Agency Fee: $8,000
NEDC Program Fee, Dr. K fees, labs/meds to prepare my body to receive our babies: $4,847*
Travel (trip 1 for Mock Transfer) $1,100
Travel (trip 2 for FET) $1,750*
Grand Total: $ 17,040

What we have (personal savings, fundraising, donations) $12,005
What we still need to come up with: $5,035 

We are in need of funds for the "*" items above. The fees to the clinic are due March 1st. The travel funds for the second trip will be needed 
around that time too to purchase airline tickets. We have hotel points saved and our hotel stays will be free :) 

We are praying we do not have to postpone our scheduled appointments. Dr. K is booked for months out and we may not be able to get on the schedule again 
until May or later. 

We are still hopeful and praying. 

It is hard to imagine that if we are able to raise the needed funds, I will be on Estrace in just a couple of weeks to prepare my body to have the best possible environment to accept these little lives. We are getting pretty excited around here at the Robison home!


  1. I have been thinking of all of you during this Christmas season, hoping you were able to enjoy a joyful respite from fundraising. Looks like the fundraising has been productive thus far - I'll pray for a good, solid collection these next few weeks!

    I just scheduled our initial consults with the closest two clinics I could find to Fort Hood that would accept embryos from another clinic. I don't know about you, but I HATE dealing with clinics! I can handle adoption paperwork all day, but the clinics drive me crazy. but I digress...

    I am getting excited for you too, to see what amazing things God has in store for you!

  2. Praying for God's provision for your family! I'm excited for you!

  3. love watching this journey unfold!


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