January 20, 2013

The Flu

Uh, no, sorry, no pictures taken over the last 2 weeks. The flu hit our house and hit it hard. I don't think y'all would care too much to see a bunch of pictures of coughing, feverish, hair-tosselled kiddos would you? Well, even if you did, I was way too busy tending to everyone's needs the week before last to take pictures even though Sarah is growing and going nonstop even with a cough and sniffles. The days over the last two weeks all swelled  in to one it seemed. Everyone was in some stage of the flu except Dustin a couple of weeks ago. Rhea had a mild case and I, like Dustin was still waiting to see if I had received a "pass".

Then, last Monday came. I woke up overwhelmingly tired and with a scratchy voice. I thought that I was just tired from caring for everyone over the last week. By Monday evening, it was evident, this was not the case. I started running fever, the body aches started, and I will skip everything else, but know that it was the worst illness I do believe I have felt in years. In fact, this home has not seen the flu in eleven years. So, today is the following Sunday. One week since I fell down hard. I am still not up to speed or even close. This thing wiped me out. Some of the kids are still dealing with "aftershocks" of the flu too.

Rebecca came down with it first and somehow was able to take over once I went down. She fought her own relapse, but kept the house moving to a point. We had a dear friend drop off a meal this week and run (literally). Do you blame her? It was that meal that really gave me the substantial protein my body was needing to fight. The children all seemed a bit better after having some "real" food as we all called it. Chicken broth and applesauce was getting quite old.

While I was down, I started getting a lot of spam comments for the blog in my inbox waiting for moderation from me. I am talking a half a dozen a day at least. Some on new posts--other spam on older posts. So, because of this I went back to the word verification option for posting comments. For those of you, who like me, can't stand trying to figure out the numbers and then letters in the box and picture, I am so sorry. I really didn't see what else to do besides to make the blog private and at this time, Rhea and I see no need for that. 

 I am still resting today. I am talking to Rhea about my upcoming week. What "must" be done, what would be "nice" to have done, and what can flat "wait" to be done. With this flu, we not only have been told relapsing for an entire other week is common, we know a family where this was the case. I have seen a few of our children relapse. I certainly do not want to go down that road. 

So, this afternoon, I will continue to rest, sip my hot tea, and I will write a few blog posts for the upcoming week. I will schedule them to come out this week so while I am tackling the "must" dos, you can catch up with us and our Embryo Adoption plans. Sound like a deal?


  1. Oh how I hope you all regain your health and strength very soon!

  2. Praying you all fully recover and get back to normal soon!!


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