November 17, 2012

Last Day to Order Pampered Chef--We Earn 25%!

Yes, I am still baking with the kiddos! It has been so much fun all working together. Even little Sarah reminds us to pause to rest a bit and read a book or two to her ;)

I extended the Pampered Chef party to help a few people who wanted to get an order in. We earn 25% of our total party sales for the adoption fund. Right now we have earned close to $100! Thanks everyone : )

Here is the link to do a little bit of shopping today and into tonight. 

Oh, and 2 beautiful people booked online shows through my show. So guess what?? Pampered Chef will be giving 10% of each of their shows to our adoption fund! Isn't that wonderful! I'm telling you, the little amounts add up fast as the Lord continues to provide to bring these babies home!

It's getting chillier outside...need some coffee to warm you up?
I have reviews coming soon from people you know who have ordered already. Here is our link: CLICK HERE FOR YUMMY COFFEE

Love you guys!

p.s. The $50 gift card giveaway winner will be announced here and on FB Sunday night/Monday morning.

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