November 15, 2012

Extended: Pampered Chef Party + Pumpkin Bread Update

Our Pampered Chef Party has been extended a few more days! You have now until Saturday, November 17th to think about a few Christmas goodies and gifts you might want to get for you or that special relative or friend.

You can have your order drop shipped to your home for just a few dollars more.


25% of your order amount goes straight to our adoption fund! 

CLICK HERE to go to our online party.

Here is our first order ready to ship. PM me on Facebook or email us and we can get you an order baked and shipped in time for Thanksgiving. This makes a great gift too!

The girls and I need to get back to baking so the shipping crew (the boys) will have more boxes to fill!

oh and don't forget to order coffee to go with our scrumptious pumpkin bread: )
 $5 a bag goes straight to our adoption fund!

and share this post and earn an entry in our $50 gift card giveaway! LMK if and where you share : )

Love you guys!!


  1. The coffee is so yummy! It's great. :) And I was able to give a bag to my mom for her birthday that said "I love my mom". When she heard I bought it through an adoption fundraiser, it warmed her heart!

    Thanks Shannon! I hope you have lots of success!

  2. I shared this on FB again. Hope it helps!!!


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