November 20, 2012

$50 Giveaway Winner

We sold over 60 loaves of pumpkin bread! I have 3 more deliveries to make today and then I will post our fundraising totals this evening. In the meantime, let's announce the $50 gift card winner okay?

So many of you helped spread the word about our fundraisers and I tell you what the Lord used your efforts! We had strangers order coffee, pumpkin bread, and place Pampered Chef orders. Thank you for taking the few minutes to share with others about our fundraisers. We hope that those who are new to following our journey through this will continue to travel with us as we continue this adoption journey.

Oh, and we will be announcing 2 very FUN fundraisers in a week or two.

Using, we entered the total number of entries we had, clicked the button and VOILA! we had a winner. We checked our list where we assigned everyone their numbers based on the number of entries they earned and after looking and matching we saw that the winner was.......

Lindy Fehr! 

Congratulations Lindy. You can email me which gift card you would like and then where you would like me to send it.

Thank you again to all who helped get the word out!

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  1. Woooohoooo! Thanks a bunch, Shannon! We took your yummy pumpkin bread to neighbors after church & they all lived it;)


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