November 26, 2012

Fundraiser Blessings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our kiddos enjoyed seeing cousins earlier in the week and then had fun spending time with their grandparents the rest of the week. We had the traditional fare and believe it or not...we actually served and ate pumpkin bread and enjoyed it! You think after baking so many loaves we would be tired of seeing the stuff, but we didn't eat any of the yummy goodness until all orders were prepared and delivered to each family.

For those who have undergone fundraising efforts for their adoption process, they will tell you that fundraising is hard work! Our family knows that the Lord called us to adopt these little ones. We know He will provide the finances to see these babies into our family. However, to sit back and "wait" for the money to drop from heaven is not being a good steward of our time. So, sometimes the efforts we, as adoptive families, put into fundraising will bring large sums and other times small sums. Our family has been on both sides. What we share with our children is that we trust that the Lord will provide what is needed in His timing alone. If we only raise $50 or $100 that does not equal a "failure" in fundraising. It is just the perfect amount the Lord intended and we add it joyfully to the adoption jar. The Lord will provide and when we truly trust in that, the efforts we put into fundraising become a joyful process and our hearts are not anxious as we diligently move forward blessed that we were chosen to care for these precious unborn babies.

Currently, we are gathering beautiful & fun items for our online auction that will launch next week. Right now though, we want to share with you how the Lord was gracious to us through church family, friends, and even strangers to provide for our unborn babies who are frozen in a tank in another state. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Pumpkin Bread:
61 loaves baked, 56 sold and delivered.
Total donated: $1,232
Total for supplies: $205
Total Pumpkin Bread profit: $1,027

Pampered Chef:
25% of total sales donated by PChef to our adoption agency: $150
free product earned: $100 (this amount we used for Christmas gifts and we were able to move $100 of our Christmas budget money into the adoption fund)
Total Pampered Chef profit: $250

AdoptTogether Grant Fund:
donated during the past 2 weeks: $25

Just Love Coffee Roasters:
Sales during last 2 weeks: $170.20
Total profit earned: $44

ebay Sales:
profits for last 2 weeks: $107

Other donations:
cash: $25

So, our grand total for the two week fundraising effort is...


See how all the little things add up?
Thank you again everyone!

Our coffee fundraiser continues. We earn $5 for every bag sold. Please click HERE to shop. Those who have purchased have sent me rave reviews about how great it tastes and these reviews come from particular coffee connoisseurs ; )

Also, if you would prefer to receive a record of your donation sent to you for tax purposes, AdoptTogether will mail you one. Click HERE to adopt to our personal grant fund.


  1. Man, that pumpkin bread was soooo good!! You guys are awesome!

  2. Hey Shannon!
    Glad the efforts are going well : ) I just bought some coffee! Can't wait to get it! Hope you get to your goal soon! : )

  3. Who knew that loaves of pumpkin bread would earn a profit of over $1000?! That is amazing and so kind of God!

  4. God is so good! I am always amazed by His faithfulness. Thank you for sharing how He is working in your family as a further reminder of His awesomeness!

  5. That's so great! I'm impressed with the pumpkin bread sales, too!


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