February 16, 2011

Free Doppler Rental

Nothing new here...all about the same--still green! I see the OB next week for my 12 week check up. I will be having another u/s then. I look forward to that part : )

If you are expecting, there is a great non-profit I learned about who will send you a doppler for free if you have a written Rx from your OB/midwife. TinyHeartbeats.org gives you a free doppler to have from 12 weeks until birth. They only ask that you have a Rx written out and have experienced the loss of a child or you are considered high risk. You are asked to ship the doppler back within 10 days of your child's birth so they can send it to the next waiting mother. They will even reimburse your return shipping charges if you desire!


  1. Amazing Shannon! I'll have to tell Ebeth about that. You never know! Of course, they won't need one for a long time. Augy is only four months old. I've got both Lena and Augy all day today and overnight. Wow--Am I exhausted or what?!


  2. Thank you for sharing this. I stumbled upon your blog after lurking the September Babyzone board. I am due Sept. 2 with our 3rd child (6th pregnancy). I got a script from my dr yesterday for a doppler, and will be getting one!


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