November 19, 2010

We are 27 days away!

I was visiting with our embryologist today and she talked about how "close" we were getting to our FET. I guess it really hadn't hit me yet how close we truly are to our big day! My last 2 weeks have been so full and busy. For a mom like me who prefers to not be on the go, life circumstances have taken me away from home quite a bit and I really haven't had the time to think about how many days until our FET. We are excited like anything, we pray throughout the day for our little ones & our clinic staff, but I have just been moving through each day and didn't realize how close we really are to going to Dallas!! I hung up with our embryologist, pulled up the calendar on my computer and literally counted the days and there were:

  • 2 more days of those "blister pack tablets" I have to take
  • 9 more days until I lower my Lupron dose & start my E2 patches
  • 18 more days until I go to Dallas for b/w & a Sono
  • 20 more days until I go to Dallas again for more b/w & another Sono
  • 21 days until my last Lupron injection
  • 22 days until I start PIO injections, & oral Medrol & Tetracycline
  • 24 days until I start Lovenox injections & baby aspirin for my APA Dx
  • 26 days until we go to Dallas
  • 27 days until our FET!
I had butterflies all in my stomach just thinking about it : ) We are preparing to have a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving with immediate family, decorate for Christmas on Friday, and start our Advent devotionals that Sunday. (btw: thank you for continuing to lift up D-man in prayer. He has had a rough week and been in bed. We appreciate your prayers) We are all looking forward to a quieter Thanksgiving with all that has been going on around here.         ....27 days!

btw: I must give a big shout-out to Franchesca at Small Bird Studio. She did an amazing job on my blog facelift! She is running a GREAT Christmas special and her wait list moves quickly. I hope you go visit her check out her portfolio

btw: Did I mention we are 27 days...Oh, I did? Sorry, we are just so excited : )

Thank you Lord for blessing us so abundantly.


  1. Fantastic new look and I love the excitement bursting through the screen!!! It is an exciting time indeed! Lots of hugs and HOPE!

  2. Love the new look and I'm just so excited for you that you're so close!

  3. Shannon - How exciting! Especially with the holidays, the time is going to go by sooo fast! Lots of luck! BTW - the facelift is great!

  4. Love the new look- your kids are too cute! And Woo Hoo for being so close!!

  5. The countdown is ON.Can't wait.So happy for you and your family.You are in my prayers.Love your site here.Just beautiful!!

  6. oooo so exciting. it will be here before you know it. can't wait!

  7. Counting down with you! And Franchesca is amazing!!!


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