November 15, 2010

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

This is the week to put together and drop off your Operation Christmas Child shoebox! We have so much fun doing this each year. We stock up at back to school time when supplies are super cheap, so we can do more boxes. I will post pictures of the kiddos doing their boxes when we pack them this week.

Also, you can include a photo and a letter for the child inside your box AND you can also print out a barcode on the OCC website after you make your shipping charges donation. This way your box can be tracked and your family will receive an e-mail letting you know where your box(es) ended up! Please consider putting together a box. Drop off locations are easily found by entering your zip code on the OCC website. Spreading the love & the gospel across the globe. That is celebrating Christmas!


  1. What a wonderful way of giving; I have been looking for an alternative to "just" doing Toys for Tots and needed to read this today!!! :)

  2. Tyler and Peyton look forward to doing it with me every year and it's something I can teach to them too about giving to someone less fortunate. We love doing it!!

  3. Last year was our first year to do this...and we've been looking forward to doing it again ever since. My children will be pumped to know that some of their friends do the shoebox gifts as well! We did the electronic tracking thing last year and never got any notification as to where our boxes went. But we're going to try again and hopefully we'll have specific countries to pray for.

  4. I collected my church's shoeboxes this Sunday and dropped them off at a collection center today! LOVE doing the shoeboxes! Wouldn't it be awesome to get to go overseas and hand them out to the kids?

  5. Did you get the email I sent to you?


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