November 20, 2010

Thank You for Using Our Amazon Button!

Every time you shop at Amazon and choose to come to our blog first and link to Amazon through our button on our sidebar, Amazon pays us 6%+ for each of your purchases. Since we added the button to the blog and told some of our friends a few weeks ago, we have earned $37.81 so far for the month of November! That is a blessing to us! Though it might seem like a small amount, we know that these small amounts of money are gifts from our Heavenly Father. Each and every little gift covers a part of a larger need and soon the larger need will be a small need!

So thank you friends for taking an extra few seconds to click on our Amazon link to take you to Amazon! It takes one extra step, but it is definitely a way to help one family pursue adoption! ((HUGS))


  1. I shop Amazon often and will again for Christmas soon. I will make sure to use your link next time!

  2. That's cool- I'll try to remember to do that next time!


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