June 26, 2010

Today? Canning Dill Pickles & Sweet Relish

Sweet BooBear and I had some canning to do today. I spent many a summer helping my grandmother put away her garden & fruit trees' bounty. Now that BooBear is old enough to show interest in preserving we did some more canning today. Last week, we put up 7# of green beans in the freezer using the FoodSa*ver. Earlier this week, we put up several quarts of tomatoes and today it was time to do some dill pickles.

Our garden is producing, but not like in years' past, so we just can a little at a time as the Lord provides the produce. Pickles do not take any time at all to can, so we were able to accomplish this task during PookieBear's nap.

Keeping our jars hot at 170 degrees:

How I store my rings. They are easy to hang in the kitchen on canning days for easy access:

Here is our finished product:

Then, the boys brought in a zucchini squash that had been hidden under the vines.

What to do with a giant zucchini? Well, BooBear started looking through our canning book and found a recipe for zucchini sweet relish. Well, I had everything on hand,

so we whipped that out too.

Zucchini sweet relish cooling:

Finally, as we were cleaning up, The boys dropped off one final basket for the day. I will get to this another day. : )

I am ready for some iced tea and a board game with the family. Have a wonderful Sabbath as you rest and worship the Lord!


  1. Your produce is amazing!! In the PNW, we are just *barely* starting to see our first blossoms on our tomatoes! I can't imagine having peppers and tomatoes and zucchini and everything else ready at this time of year :)

  2. Love the canning! It bet it is easier to get your kids to eat veggies if they help grow, pick, and can them. I'm so impressed!

  3. Oh it's so magical! I love it!! We've just started gardening, but unfortunately with the AZ heat, our results have been mixed. We're hoping our winter garden will fare better!

  4. How fun to pass down such a sweet family tradition and such a great lesson in remembering our Heavenly Father and thanking Him for his bountiful blessings by taking such good care of His creations and not let any go to waste!

  5. Great job Shannon! Do your pickles stay crunchy? I was having a hard time with that a couple of years ago when we went through our canning phase.

    Wonderful photos! Boy..you have been a busy bee!!

    Donna @ Comin' Home


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