June 30, 2010

Monthly ebay Sales for June! Embryo Adoption Fundraising

Well I do have several items up on ebay right now, but with 2 more items shipping today, our total take-home amount for our adoption fund for June is....$559.60! Thank you Lord!

Each item I sold this month was either a donated item for our upcoming garage sale, a goodie from our closets, or book lots that I have been working on as I collect books at garage sales.

The Leevster is my assistant. I just tell him an item has closed and has been paid for and he packages the item, weighs it, prints the shipping label, and takes it to the mailbox or leaves a note for our postal carrier to pick it up. He also has learned to contact the buyer and let them know their item is on its way. He and BooBear are my photographers as well. Do you really think I could have set up all the little Sweet Streets pictures like BooBear did?

It is a team effort to gather all the funds needed to pay for agency fees, Meds, Doctors' visits, and the actual FET procedure itself. The kiddos are very excited about having more siblings and this is their way to do something in addition to prayer.

With Hurricane Alex coming in tonight in South Texas/Mexico, it has been a different kind of summer afternoon in the Houston area. We are an hour outside of Houston, but those first rain bands off Alex have made their way to us. It is so strange to have wind this time of year. In fact, if there are wind gusts in the summer, it usually is from a tropical storm of some sort. Has it cooled the weather off, uh, not really, but it has made for a 'book reading' kind of afternoon. It does make me remember to check our hurricane supplies for the rest of hurricane season.

Coming soon...answers to more EA questions, pics of our NEW mailbox (especially designed by my dh as a 'gift' to me for my e-bay items), and more food preserving.


  1. I love that your kiddos are so excited about their future siblings and how prayerful they are for not only them, but for all of us other embryo adopting families too! Tell them "Thank You!" Aaron and I covet their prayers for our little ones! We are praying for yours too and hope to hear of a match soon! :)

  2. What a family family & team effort!! I think its wonderful you are all helping to make this dream a possibility!!

    LOVED the Sweet Street setup and those smiling faces!!

    AND your fundraising for this month is nothing short of incredible!!

  3. So glad your fundraising is being so successful. And how cute that your kids are getting so involved, too! :)

  4. Okay, you officially sound like one of the coolest mom's I know! I love how you involve your kids in so many aspects of life: making food, learning how to mail things, taking pictures, etc. Love it!

  5. I'm so proud of you all Shannon! You are an inspiration!!

    Shannon I have not checked the weather at all. Are we in danger? I thought Tim said it was headed to Mexico. That picture looks terrifying!


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