July 3, 2010

Preserving Anaheim Green Chilies

BooBear and I decided to use the Food*Saver to preserve a batch of Anaheim green chili peppers from the garden. I roasted them on the grill to blister and pop the skins. PookieBear giggled at the popping peppers!

Next, I peeled them, rinsed them,


deseeded them (for the most part), chopped,


and then vacuum sealed them in 4 oz portions.


This is the same size as a can of green chilies in the store. Peppers are inexpensive to grow and easy to put away for later whether you freeze them or can them. These organic peppers would be close to $2 for a 4oz can and $0.89 for a conventional 4 oz can. Either way, the $4 we invested in pepper seedlings has paid us back!

I used some in my King Ranch chicken the other night and in our cornbread tonight. Since Rhea's neck is still in so much pain from a pinched/stretched nerve, we are staying close to home on Independence Day. So, I think the girls and I will be doing some more pickles and peppers.
: )

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