June 24, 2010

Embryo Adoption Fundraising...an Old PC Game Brings in Some $$

Well, if I ever see one of these at a garage sale, I will snatch it up! Rhea has been home resting a shoulder injury and decided to clean out some old boxes that have been in the closet. (remember the Cello hats?)

Rhea told me that this NASCAR PC game would sell for a lot of money. Well, it did,
$78! Our e-bay profits so far for this month have been $464! Praise God for His provision as we save for the next adoption agency payment.

I am working to put a few more things up on e-bay over the next few days. I asked Rhea if he had anymore 'boxes' stashed anywhere I needed to know about? ; )

We are waiting for that phone call or e-mail to let us know we have been matched with a family. We just found out that another family from our same agency was matched this week. We are so excited for Dan & Elizabeth and we are praying that their contract process goes smoothly.

Back to e-bay listing I go & BTW, we'd love for you to follow our blog. So please 'officially' follow us. We'd love to 'see' you : )

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  1. Thanks for adding me to your blog list! Can't wait to get to know you through the bloggy world!


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