May 7, 2010

You Never Know What It Is Worth

I found this when researching pricing for some vintage Peanuts plates on eBay. I sure wish I had kept my lunchbox and thermos from 3rd grade huh? (Yes, the ad says 1973, but mine was certainly from a much, much later year. Well, okay, 5 years.

But since I am not the pack rat type, I wouldn't have any of that stuff from the past. I always wonder when I toss something, What would it be worth in 20 years? Well, then I go ahead and toss the item, b/c who has room to store a bunch of stuff just to SEE if it is worth something someday?

So, back to getting items up on eBay I go. We are trying to replenish savings for what we pulled out to to pay for x-rays, physicals, fingerprints, HS update fee, and the agency application fee. Our eBay sales for the month of April were $472 + the boys donated some money they earned...bringing us to $ 502! So far for May, we are at $86 not bad for the 7th of the month, but my goal is to have the adoption fund to $0.00 instead of in the NEGATIVE numbers. So, the girls and I will hit the streets tomorrow for Sat only garage sales in the area and then list on e-bay like crazy! We have $1,438 to go to get out of the negative numbers!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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