May 12, 2010

Waiting on ONE thing!

For some reason, our SW received fingerprint results for Me, Big D, but not Rhea! Our SW has called several times, but has no information yet. Our homestudy is ready, except for that one little bit of information!

The paperchase continues...


  1. Its so hard when there are snags, but I am hoping this one is resolved quickly!!

    You are getting SO close now ~ very exciting!!

    Oh, and those metal lunchboxes take me back too!!

  2. I'm with Lisa, snags suck, but hang in there. You are making progress!!!!

  3. It will be great to move on past the paper chase stage! I kept copies of all our paperwork in a huge binder and when I look at it now it helps me to realize how far we have come. Thanks for the hugs and encouraging words on my blog. It helps to share the journey!

  4. I so remember waiting for the fingerprints! Ughhh! Way to go on your ebay adventures! It's so cool to see your kids pitching in as well! Excited to read more!


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