May 16, 2010

Mission Accomplished

EDITED: SW just called this afternoon, in actuality, the fingerprint clearance she received was someone else's and not Rhea's.... back to waiting some more....

The fingerprints arrived in our SW's inbox at 0600 hours yesterday!

The HS rough draft should be in our inbox tomorrow! We will proof, approve, and then it will be sent to the agency.

We have had sick kiddos all week, so not much posting from me. I will be getting my camera out some more this week and take advantage of the beautiful colors that this early summer is bringing.

(photo credit-the boys: taken while doing their math?)


  1. Ugh!

    Hope those prints turn up and SOON!!

    AND hope you are on the mend SOON!!

    Thanks for keeping us posted ~ love the army dudes! :)

  2. You're almost there. . .hope the household gets well soon! Keep us posted.

  3. I do hope you get those pictures posted soon! I love your photos Shannon!


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