May 20, 2010

Guess What?

We are still waiting on Rhea's fingerprints to be 'found'! (surprise! ha!)

As soon as the homestudy is finalized, we can get it to the agency. Once they approve it, we will be in their program. Which program is that you might wonder? Well, when we get the 'okay' from the agency that we are working with, we will be posting the news!

In the meantime, will you please continue to pray that Rhea's fingerprints 'appear' in our SW's inbox? In a few more days, it will be a month since they should have been sent. God is control of the little details, we know, we are just being diligent in our prayers for all to work out in His timing.

So, to keep myself distracted, I took the above children to the orthodontist and they will be in Summer Camp at Dr. Hanigan's office. Though, instead of tire swings over the lake, and roasting marshmallows, they will be getting spacers, expanders, teeth pulled, and one even gets the deluxe package with top braces! PookieBear loves the ortho office. They have a giant fish tank with really big fish for her to 'talk' to. She always wants to know "Where dey go-een Mommy?"

Camp starts the first week of June, and we go every other week through the middle of July. Anyone want to sign up with us? ; )


  1. ooo, you're keeping us in suspense! can't wait to hear the news of all being approved!

  2. Yikes!! On both accounts! I love that your kiddos are smiling and their grins will be even MORE radiant after summer camp! :)

    And I agree with Rach.....can't wait to hear it ALL!!

    Hope the prints are found!

  3. Can't wait to hear what program. . .I have a guess, but I'll wait for the reveal. Praying God helps those silly fingerprints appear in the SW's inbox!!

  4. Praying that Rhea's fingerprints come back soon! :)

  5. I pray you get your fingerprints soon Shannon. It all sounds so exciting, but I'm sure it's hard to wait.

  6. praying fingerprints arrive NOW in Jesus Name! good grief some tings take forever! I can't wait to hear your agency and program! I am sorry I can't join you for camp, the first week of June I will be globe trotting over to Taiwan! May not be eating and sleeping in airport, but we are GOING to get our boy so who cares!

  7. We're signing Ashley up too! Won't they have fun? Are you bringing their sleeping bags? For as much as we are paying we may as well ask! :)Getting more excited now to hear the news!!!!


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