May 1, 2010

Another Garage Sale Tip

Being the frugal mom, I do not know all the current boutique labels that are popular right now. Well, I recently did a little research after this purchase and now have a short list of brand name boutique labels to be on the look out for when shopping garage sales in upscale neighborhoods. I purchased this one for $1. Click here to see what it sold for. I purchased several more and they all did pretty well! Do you need to pay off some debt? Do you need to raise adoption funds like us? Whatever the case may be, frugal shopping can be profitable for your closet and someone else's too!

Adoption update: We have our fingerprint appt first thing Monday morning. The entire crew is going, b/c D has to have his b/c he is 15 now and since he is my babysitter, we are all taking a field trip for FBI checks! I will have the last few things in the mail to our social worker on Monday. We all are well-checked and TB-free. Now, on to the adoption agency paperwork & packing a few more ebay items that sold while we were gone today.


  1. I hope your fingerprinting appt. went well today!

    We participated in a garage sale this past weekend and it was tons of fun! Sold so much and found a few treasures too!(neighborhood sale) :) I love that you are doing this with such enthusiasm & energy!!


  2. Glad you see you're posting again. I hadn't been by in a while, since I hadn't seen many recent posts. Hope all went well with the fingerprinting, etc. Miss you guys.


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