December 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary to My Husband

Yep, we got married on New Year's Eve 19 years ago. We are going on a daytime date in a little while just as we do every year. Traditionally, we furniture shop, but this time we have a couple of other things on our list. We are going to P. F. Chang's for lunch (I have to have The Great Wall of Chocolate for dessert--I am having withdrawals). We are also going shopping around the area where P.F. Chang's is.

Oh, we are taking little girl with us. Rhea asked if Pookie Bear (his nickname for her) could go with us. I am fine with that. She is feeling lots better now, but still clings to her Daddy. We will take lots of pics and I will post them when we return.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie! It has been a wonderful 17 years!


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year my friend! Wishing you a glorious date today and many many joyful blessings in the year to come! I think 2009 has a nice ring to it! :)
    Lisa C.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a blessing to be married to your spouse for so many years. And it's great to hear you still celebrate and go out - even if that inlcudes pookie! Enjoy that dessert - it sounds sinfully delicious!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! The world will celebrate with you.


  4. happy anniversary! LOVE the dishwasher story! i was showing it to my husband just now and we were laughing! i noticed you use EO and California Baby (right?) products. we love them, too!

  5. ps -- we have the exact same counter tops as well!

  6. Happy Anniversary! And Happy New Year as well! :) I love it, you got married on new years eve and I got engaged on it :) My aunt and Uncle also were engaged on New Years eve many years ago :)

    Neat we share an anniversary sorta :)

    ANXIOUSLY waiting for pics :)

    Noah's mama

  7. Happy Anniversary! What a great way to end an old year and begin a new one!!
    Be blessed,

  8. Congratulations on your Anniversary!



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