January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I promised pictures, but when we got to the mall and got out of the car, I realized I left the camera at home. Big bummer. There were sooo many photo opps! PookieBear loved P.F. Changs. She gobbled steamed and pan-fried dumplings, lettuce wraps, egg drop soup, salmon & brown rice, green tea, and the Great Wall of Chocolate for dessert! Rhea and I had fun too. We had plenty of time to shop and talk. He bought me a new apron and matching oven mitts from Williams-Sonoma and hot tea at Starbucks.

It was a great day. We came home and had more tea grabbed the laptop, went outside to sit on the patio while the kids played outside (it was a beautiful 60F yesterday), and started 'planning' our trip to China. We know it is many months away, but we needed an idea of IF we were able to take all the kids and a friend to help with the kids, how much would it cost us? We have lots of hotel points and airline points, but at all the hotels we looked at had a room with a king or a room with 2 singles. This might be tricky. We also found that the max occupancy in a room is 3. That would mean we would have to get 3 rooms! --for 6 of us, an adult friend, and our new child. In any case, I need to get to e-baying again : )

We are off to have dinner with some friends in a bit. Happy New Year!

p.s. Are all you Southern folks having your black-eyed peas today? Mine are on the stove!


  1. Ohhh...so glad your anniversary was such fun & well deserved too! Sounds like you are all recovered and relishing quiet family time!

    Its never too early to begin planning for your amazing journey to China!!

    OH, by the way...our black-eyed peas have been cooking for hours! And we are Midwesterners with a touch of southern in our hearts! :)


  2. Shannon,

    You left a comment a while back on my blog (via my post on No Hands But Ours). I just found your blog and was laughing at your dishwasher mishap. We had the same thing happen here about a month ago, only my daughter didn't have the excuse of being sick!

    Our log in date was Nov 18...we're on week six now. I haven't read past your first page of your blog yet. What waiting stage are you on? It is all about waiting on something, somewhere...isn't it?! julia.

  3. It is NEVER to early to plan your labor and delivery :) heehee I spent 10 months researching and planning over and over again, changing my mind etc :) heehee Its wonderful :) glad you had fun on the night. Never heard of the restraunt but sounds yummy :)

    and YES we had our black eye peas for supper :) cooked ALL day in crock with lotsa ham :)

    Noah's mama

  4. Hmm Shannon I am running into the same lol we are to travel this summer. I spend a great deal of time online looking at places Seems so far the Holiday Inn is the most sensible choice in Beijing and in our son's province I can come up with for a larger group within budget the few reviews online I found where good and having stayed in the middle of town last time having a bit of a
    set back location would be enjoyable especially with the kids and being able to walk around in the summer. In 2007 we where close to the Forbidden City but its crazy busy down on that main strip and it was just DH and I besides I found the Jinglun I think it was called overpriced.

    For two joined rooms with twin beds for 5 it only came up to about
    $450 for 3 nights when I checked various dates. Once we have Shawn we will be 6.
    So far I have not had a great deal of feedback on other options. DH
    say you can never go wrong with a Holiday Inn lol... well we may have
    to give that a shot!

    Good Luck on your planning!


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