December 29, 2008

Caution: Never Let Your 13 year old with the Flu Load Your DW!


Yes, I told you we are all sick around here. Some are better, some have relapsed, some are still getting better (I fall in the latter category).

Well, with D-man's permission, I give you what Rhea woke up to at midnight! Rhea got up to get some water and when he got to the kitchen there were suds ALL over the floor. He took these after he had cleaned up a lot of it already! Rhea said it took 2 hours of running the rinse cycle over and over to run the suds through.


Yes, my boy, who btw, loads and starts the DW often, grabbed the "DISH soap" filled up the soap holder to the top and pushed start!


Well, I thought you guys would enjoy this! We enjoyed laughing about it!


    My best friend & I (and Matt C.)
    did this one day at her house. He thought it was what you used.
    He filled up all 3 holes and we had to sweep bubbles out the kitchen door and squirt the floor down with the water hose. It was aweful BUT one of our favorite memories as friends.

    I just read that ya'll are sick.
    We have a friend from China who says to drink Green tea and soak in Epson baths and Eucalyptus when you have a virus. Supposedly it filters your system and helps to "pull out " the virus.
    We do it and it works.
    You will be exhausted after the HOT
    bath and you will have to take a nap(makes you drained and weak)...wrap in a robe, lay in bed, drink a cup of tea and go to sleep.. when you wake up you will feel ALOT better.
    Gotta love some TCM!(Traditional Chinese Medicine)

    Hope you are all well soon.


  2. PS
    If you talk to Sarah & Kevin before I do...Tell them it is morning in the US and they better be posting some dadgum pictures!
    I can't take it!


  3. Oh my. I was getting ready to post my disasterous morning with a picture of my overrun coffee maker but this takes the cake!

  4. For future reference, use salt and the bubbles will be gone with just one rinse. ;-)

    Poor Dustin, I bet he felt really bad.

  5. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!

    but funny nonetheless!

  6. too funny! good thing you got pictures. you'll remember that for a long time!

  7. ROFL! Sorry but can't help laughing :) SO glad it is better now :) Be happy you were NOT the one who found and had to deal with it :)

    Noah's mama


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