December 27, 2008

Ug, We All Have It Now!

I am posting because my fever is down a bit, but I went down with this awful virus right after I posted on Christmas Day. Rhea is still down and although the baby is on the other side of the worst part of this thing, she is still quite miserable. BooBear went to bed with fever and congestion last night, so she is next. D-man went to bed with congestion, a sore throat, and body aches. He is not far behind BooBear. Leevster is taking care of all of us! He has not been sick since his stay in TX Children's last February. The IVIG they gave him seems to still be working strong!! He has been such a joy and is so eager to care for all of us. Sorry, no pictures of us sick (ha) but here is one from Christmas Day. BooBear and her grandmother are looking at the new Paula Deen cook book BooBear received from her grandmother. I look forward to catching up with all of your blogs soon!


  1. oh shannon!!!! you've got the crud??!! what a bummer...especially for the holiday season. i hope that you are all feeling healthy soon!!!

  2. Hope you all recover quickly! Take good care, and get lots of rest.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry!! It is so hard to be the mama and have the crud. I hope it's a quick one. Rest well!

  4. We've had it here, too! I had the crud (Still have it...) for Christmas Day....but I fought through and crashed when we got home. Now my daughter has it. No after Christmas sales shopping for the Bratts! I hope you and your family get well quickly and thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog...

  5. Hope you are all better soon...that silly sick bug has been awfully busy! WE are all sick here in our home also.
    Love the Paula Deen daughter and I received it for Chrismas.

    Terrye in FL

  6. I'm sooo sorry. We had that all of December. At least the sore throat isn't a forever one and for some reason it hit the adults worse than the kiddos. The congestion was the pits though & without my husband's tattoo wax, my nose would still be raw. Yup, tat wax is the best stuff for raw noses... it's all natural good stuff too. Wierd I know. Anyways, get well soon and that picture is so very heart-warming... makes me miss my grandma, in a good way though. =0)


  7. thanks for stopping by my blog. i look forward to seeing more of your pictures on the mamarazzi blog. i love it! it's so fun to have a photo assignment and to share our creativity. and what better subjects to shoot than our kids! happy holidays!

  8. OH NO, I'm so sorry to hear that you have all been ill. That just is no fair and not right!
    I wish you all a speedy recovery so you can start the New Year off with radiant health and much luck!! What an exciting year ahead this will be for you all!
    Beautiful photo too....
    Lisa C.


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