October 21, 2008

Trip Highlights

This is what PookieBear thought of her photo shoots while we were in Colorado. Actually this was a different day, but since she didn't feel well most of the trip, we didn't get an 'official' family pic for the needed adoption scrapbook. We will try here in Texas! Here are the highlights of our Cordillera, Colorado and Bossier City, LA (Barksdale AFB for my cousin's retirement ceremony)trips.

1. With a family of 6 and all of Rhea's equipment for the job, we had to rent a trailer.

2. I got lost (and lost the kids) in the 9000 sq. ft. house we stayed in.

3. Housekeepers/maids get $25 an hour in Vail Valley--I passed and cleaned the house.

4. CO tries to do Tex-Mex, but they need to keep trying.

5. Much more protein is needed in hotels' free continental breakfast.

6. DVD players are great for car trips so you can 'chat' w/ your husband w/o the 13yo listening in.

7. I always wanted to have a birthday in Colorado, and I had one!

8. I got to see my cousin from Paris.

9. We got to pilot & navigate a B-52 Simulator.

10. We all rode in the back of a Sheriff and State Trooper's cars on Friday night. (we couldn't fit in one you know)--we broke down

So, with all that said, we had to reschedule our HS b/c of the car trouble. Our package finally arrived (today) and our new HS date is this coming Saturday. We have family pics to do and I need to get a physical. Other than that, the paperchase is shrinking (for the time being)

It's great to be back!


  1. Yea! Sounds fun...especially the part about getting to chat with your husband! Besides, there are better photographers in Texas. ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, that picture of your little girl made me laugh! Poor little thing, hope she's feeling better. Glad you had a nice trip. Happy Birthday! I'm glad the paperchase is shrinking-- I can't wait till that part is DONE! Thank you for your kind words.
    Be blessed,

  3. I so wish I had KNOWN In advance you were goin to Bossier City! YOu were mere minutes from me! We could have met for a soda or somethign and you could have met Mr. Noah! :)

    Noah's mama

  4. sounds like quite a trip! a 9000 sq ft house, imposter tex-mex, and a run-in w/ the police...i'm sure they all made for great memories!!!!

  5. Love, love, love the photo of Elizabeth! That's a great picture! Sounds like a great trip. . .glad your paperwork finally arrived. Hope the car trouble wasn't too bad. Hope your home study appointment goes well on Saturday!


  6. 9000 sq feet??? that is incredible! i second your comment on DVD players. they were invaluable to us on our recent trip. my husband would second your comment on more protein with continental breakfasts, as he's one to watch his carbs!

    great re-cap!


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