October 22, 2008

Mommy Doesn't Want Me to Have a Birthday Party!

Yeppers, that is right. I do not want my precious baby to turn one tomorrow. She is the child we never thought we could have. Who knows if we can have another one. Our adopted child-to-be will more than likely will be over 2yo. So, yes, tonight when I rock and sing to her to sleep & tuck her in tight, I will pray over her and thank the Lord for this amazing year with such a wonderful child. I treasured each laugh, late-night feeding, cuddle, hug, and all first year milestones these past twelve months, but the months just zipped by anyway. I love you my sweet PookieBear! Sweet dreams my soon to be 1 year old. It's alright, I am ready now, you may have your birthday! : )


  1. aww hugs to mama! I can so relate! they grow SOO fast. I have missed soo much of Noah's life in those 16 months. Enjoy every second!

    Noah's Mama

  2. that is TOO precious!!! i am so glad you are cherishing your time with her! you will never regret it!

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEE! Poor baby! I know it is hard to let them grow up honey.... but you have to.. look at that face!!!!!!! (or we could secretly invent some kind of special chamber where they have to stay the same age for eternity)....*evil laugh*. I am all for that!!! I add you to my blog roll!! And I am so sorry you almost spit your coffee out.. that would have been messy! lol

    Sarah k

  4. Oh, Shannon, I absolutely know that sentiment and you shared it so beautifully!
    So many things about Mama-hood are bittersweet...we celebrate the milestoes with such pride and joy, but long to recapture the baby moments or little moments over & over again!
    Hugs to you Mama!
    Lisa C.

  5. What a cute, cute post!!!

    Happy Birthday little one!



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