October 16, 2008

Bossier City, Here we are?

We made it to Louisiana. My cousin's retirement ceremony from the Air Force is tomorrow. We were singing to the Lord and praying last night as we came in. It was raining, and foggy when our engine light came on and then the battery light came on. The alternator seemed to be going out. We prayed and prayed. We were 35 miles out of Shreveport at 10:00 p.m. Our 2004 Suburban packed full, pulling a work trailer, and containing 2 sleeping children, and 2 awake ones to pray with Mommy.

God guided us here safely! Our Suburban is at the local dealership, we rented a new one for the day, and we are off to visit family who have come into town to see my cousin. After lunch, we are off to the base to take a tour. Fun for my boys!!

Adoption news: the papers STILL have not arrived in Cordillera, CO. They can't be rerouted back until they get there. sigh. Thank you guys for the encouragement though!


  1. You are not far from us because we are in the next town over! Hope the trip was wonderful :)

    Noah's mama

  2. praying for those papers!!



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