October 13, 2008

We're Leaving Colorado

We are leaving tomorrow morning. We saw elk, heard coyotes, and played in the snow. It was a dream to be here for these 2 weeks. We are leaving to go see my cousin's retirement ceremony from the Air Force. SO, Louisiana, here we come!

Adoption stuff: the papers never arrived! I prepaid at the post office for them to overnight them back to our house in TX when they arrive! Our HS is Saturday morning. We get home on Friday night. WHEW! We can't wait to get this adoption show on the road!


  1. Sounds like it is all over the road right now! All over the country even, lol! Wish I could say we were looking forward to seeing you when you get home, but :-(

  2. Welcome home, or almost welcome home!
    Sounds like you have had a glorious vacation and family time!
    For some reason several of your posts did not show up when I had been checking, so I am sorry this is coming so late!
    Good luck with your H.S. this coming Saturday....how exciting it all begins!
    Lisa C.

  3. Safe travels to LA! We're going to be there this Christmas (New Orleans) - yearly tradition! :)

    What craziness with your paperwork. Here's to putting the paperchase behind you as soon as possible!!!!



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