October 9, 2008

Please Pray for our DHL Shipment

We are in Colorado on business as most of you know. We have notarized papers for the adoption that were sent to our home in Texas. We had a friend mail them here this past Tuesday so we could submit our app to the HS agency and the Adoption agency from here before we returned home. The papers were supposed to arrive today. However, the clerk at the shipping desk clicked 'Ground' instead of '2-day'. Now, the shipping website says the package is in Aurora and is due to get here on the 15th! It was supposed to be here today. We are supposed to leave on the 15th. We know this is all in God's Hands and we are leaning on that. Will you please pray the DHL truck drives up tomorrow?

update: the shipping company called. DHL quit shipping to this CO zip code and their computer had not updated that information and they were sorry. Our package has been rerouted to USPS. There is no mail service to this house (it is a vacation home). I called the postmaster at the post office where the package should arrive. She said they will call me when they receive it. WHEW! Still pray for it to arrive before we leave, if you will? Thanks.


  1. How stressful...we will definitely be praying for you. In the meantime, enjoy the last few days you have in Colorado. It is such a beautiful place!


  2. Ugh! Shipping woes!!! Glad it seems to be smoothed out... we'll be praying it arrives on time!


  3. Hang in there. God is GOOD. I still vividly remember waiting for the one form to arrive in Taiwan so I could go HOME. . .timing was never so critical. God answered my prayers! I pray He answers yours too my friend. Blessings, Tiff

  4. Girl! I had to go through something like this..IT is brutal!
    Praying for those papers to arrive.
    They will get there. :)



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