October 7, 2008

Darcy Anne is Still Fighting!

I didn't post 2x yesterday b/c little PookieBear was ready for bed when we got home and I found that I was just as tired as she. We had a great dinner in Glenwood Springs. The drive there was so beautiful as we went through the canyon. Thank you for praying for Darcy Anne. She lived through another night without pain. She is such a little fighter. I read in the comments today that her story has reached a woman's correctional institution through a woman who leads Bible studies there at the prison. God has used little Darcy so many times these last 10 days!

p.s. I received a 'weirdo' comment! I don't want to go to moderated comments, but I might. We'll see. Have a great day!


  1. Hey guys!!! Just stopping in to say hello to you in Colorado. Give us a call if you have any time, although I know that is sparse on vacation.

  2. Hello, I like this blog.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
    A hug from Portugal

  3. Shannon,

    I'm so glad you posted about Darcy Anne before. I've been visiting her blog and was just spellbound reading it!! Wow is all I can say. What amazing faith this family has. They are in my prayers.

  4. Darcy Anne's story is touching, heart-wrenching, and full of such love. Each day is a blessing and her family is embracing every breathing moment. Keeping her in our prayers! Tiff

  5. Shannon,
    Thank you so much for stopping by our blog and leaving your fun ( those pesky hotel comforters and x's four for you guys! Yikes! ) & supportive comments about our upcoming court hearing.
    I love discovering new blogs to follow along with, and definately plan to visit your's often!
    I will absolutely be praying for sweet Darcy Anne and her amazing family.
    Thanks again!
    Lisa C.


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