October 6, 2008

Snow? no. But I Do Get to Go out for Dinner!

We looked forward to seeing snow yesterday, but we didn't. That is okay. We have time since we will be here for another 2 weeks. After schoolwork and Rhea is through w/work for the day. We get to go 'into' town and shop and go out to eat and I hear LOTS of chocolate is in my future. Why? it is my birthday today. I can't think of a better place to be than Colorado! Do you think I can find Thai food or Tex-Mex here? ha!
I will take pics of our time today and have a follow-up b-day post later.

Please continue to pray for our friends and their sweet baby Darcy. Feel free to post encouragement to the family under the link 'blog'. This is the place where you can comment. The family checks this daily. If you have time you can read under "dear diary" Where Tracy writes to Darcy everyday. Darcy has a short time left on this earth, but God has used her precious life to reach so many!

Adoption news? Well, I was getting pics together for the app and realized I did not take pictures of the house! So, I am having a friend go by my house today and take some and e-mail them! Did I finish the Intro Letter? uh, well, uh,....no. It is so tough. It is so important. I guess I need to approach the letter like I did on college exams: go with what I knew, my gut and the first thing I wrote! Did any of you struggle on that letter?

Post #2 coming later today...


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day. . .and all the chocolate you can eat, too!

    I am sure your letter will sound fine. It looks like an easy task until you sit down and start trying to put words on paper.


  2. lots of chocolate YUM


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