October 10, 2008

Pray for Darcy. She Is Struggling for Life

Our friend's sweet baby is struggling. Please, please pray for this special family.

Today's entry:
Friday, October 10, 2008

Hi, Darcy.

Your Daddy is typing this entry for me. I am holding you close on the rocking chair. You did not do well yesterday and throughout the night. You stopped breathing a few times this morning and your blue spells are back.

My heart is so broken. But please do not suffer or struggle for our sakes, my love.

I am asking all who follow your story to pray.


Thank you friends for your prayers.

UPDATE: lunchtime CST:

Hello, Darcy.

I am sitting here watching you and Mommy. I know that I can never count you out. We thought you left. Your heart was beating so slowly for minutes, but seems you are making a come back... again.

We hate to see you suffer, but will fight alongside with you to stay alive.

Ultimately, we really have no control. God is the One who numbers our days. It wasn't our CPR that revived you. We committed you to the Lord at 1 pm, but you haven't left us yet. We must have said I love you a million times.

Stay calm, my sweet daughter. Peace and be still, my sister.

We love you, we love you, we love you...



  1. Darcy Anne, you are so loved. You have blessed so many with your sweet little face. He is with you always and watching over you! Blessings, Tiff (just another reader who's heart you've touched)

  2. I am cryin my eyes out for this family :( My best friend lost a daughter to this years and years ago. Praying for peace for all

    Noah's Mama


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