September 20, 2008

With Ike Behind, Colorado, Here We Come!

Well, after living in the Houston area for most of my life, I have experienced a Hurricane that went right through our suburb! It was wild and scary. I knew that I was not to fear, but I prayed for God to take that fear more times than I could count in the early nighttime hours last Saturday. As the sun came up, we could see the wind causing our trees to bend over at almost a 90 degree angle! Other times, the wind would blow the trees in a circle. All of the children slept through until around 5:00 a.m. We lost the power around 3 a.m., around 10 a.m. we lost phones, internet, and water. This was to be how it was for the next 5 days.

Our church family is wonderful. We all share our needs with one another and then help and pray for those needs to be fulfilled. Our dear friends found us a generator. Having generator power was a blessing to us in so many ways.

Rhea and his trusty chainsaw along with the boys went around the neighborhood helping families clean up their yards. There were fallen trees everywhere. We lost 7, but thankfully, they fell all in the woods. Other were not so fortunate. Home after home in our neighborhood and many others had trees through their roofs and into their homes.

Our firstborn is extremely sensitive to poison ivy. Someone nearby burned it along with their trees and yard trash and it traveled airborne to find D-man. He has been down since Wednesday. We had to take him for a steroid shot. He still has one eye swollen shut.

The photo above is not my house, but I assure you, street after street in our area was just like this photo. Why didn't a photo-taking gal like myself not take ANY pictures of such an event? I think I was in awe of it all. I also went into survival mode and started baking bread for neighbors, driving to find water, checking on friends' homes and taking food and drink to the boys as they worked cleaning the property. The next thing I know, I saw my camera on the table a couple of days later and my heart sank that I did not record the storm! An avid scrapbooker, and I missed it! So, I will borrow other peoples' captures!

Rhea has still not returned to work because his clients still do not have power. Maybe Monday?

We were so blessed as our home was spared from Ike. I do believe I could live w/o electricity before I could live w/o water. Well, maybe not in the summer. The humidity is awful here in SE Texas, so maybe I would choose A/C? I would drive to a friend's house each day after Ike to fill jugs of water at her house for us to have. With all power restored, I finished the 10th load of laundry yesterday to catch up!

So is time to prepare for Colorado! We were supposed to leave today, but because of Ike, next Saturday is the new date. We have been trying to complete as much HS paperwork as possible. I will write more tomorrow as I will be home from church to be w/D-man.

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