September 21, 2008

Please Follow Our Blog

Hi All, according to my map for our blog, we have a lot of 'regulars'. I added a new place on the sidebar, under the kids pic, called "Our Adoption Journey Followers". Many have visited and haven't left comments yet. Please let me know you are here! : ) I'd love to visit you too! Hurry, and you can be the 1st!


  1. how exciting! I will enjoy following this journey (once I get power back on in my house :)

  2. Hi there!
    Just wanted to tell you your music has been in our background all afternoon-- great selections! :)

    Can't wait to see where this journey takes you...
    Be blessed,

  3. Thanks for stopping by on my blog - I will try to visit you sometimes and follow your journey!

  4. Thanks for the nice comment!! Congrats on starting the paperchase/HS for Taiwan. I will be following your journey. :)

  5. hi there! thanks for "de-lurking" on my blog! so very glad to hear that, despite the airborne poison ivy, your family made it through the hurricane! looking forward to following your adoption process!!!

  6. Of course I want to follow along with your exiting journey & wish you all the very best! It is a wild roller coaster ride and will be one of the best journeys of your lives! So happy for you all!
    Please feel free to follow along with our adoption journey too :) !

  7. Thank you for stopping by our blog. I hope you'll continue to follow the toddler journey as it unfolds, and I look forward to following yours! You are one brave Mommy! And I'm sure I can learn tons from you. Your family is just beautiful! I told my DH, we can barely handle 2, I wonder how people like you can handle 5?! You are a blessing! Tiffanie


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