September 28, 2013

9dp5dt=14dpo=4 Weeks Pregnant

I am definitely staying busy this weekend. I keep thinking about our 1st Beta this coming Monday. It is at 7:30 a.m., but I usually don't hear from Nurse Katie until late afternoon. I will post as soon as we hear from her.

Our cool front left way too quickly. The temp is to be a scorching "feels like" temp of 95 with high, thick, humidity by noon today! So, Levi and Rebecca are out doing outside chores early.

Symptoms today? I "feel" pregnant. I mean the symptoms this time are very strong and we are praying for a high Beta on Monday.

I am watching my PIO injection sites, I *may* be developing a reaction to the PIO. I did with Sarah's pregnancy and started running a low grade fever and had redness with heat at the injection site, but no itching or anything. I was on PIO (ethyl oleate) with Sarah and my Dr. at the time switched me to Crinone gel and the fever went away quickly!

The last two transfers as well as this one, Dr. K gave me PIO (cottonseed oil) and I have never had this happen until now. No fever yet, but I am keeping an eye on it.

Off to take the littles outside. They are itching to go play in the baby pool!


  1. Still thinking about you. Hoping you are not allergic to the PIO!

  2. Congratulations!

    The same thing happened to me. I had a reaction to ethyl oleate. They switched me to sesame oil, and I tolerated it for a while, and then developed a reaction. They switched me to crinone after that.


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