April 10, 2013

Tomorrow is Day 1 & Follow Up with Dr. K

Yard Sale Day 1 is tomorrow. Houston is having a VERY unusual cold snap for April. It will be 39 degrees tonight! We are usually in the 60's for lows this time of year.
There at least will be sunshine instead of the rain we had all day today. It will be 46 in the morning. We will need to sell hot cocoa instead of iced down water bottles! lol!

Praying the shoppers still come. There is always Friday and Saturday if not ; )
Did you see our thermometer total today? With grant donations and eBay sales, we are now at $2,560!!

I will have kiddos take pics tomorrow at the sale. I'll post tomorrow night with the Day 1 total!

Oh yes, I have my phone follow up appt. with Dr. K tomorrow. Busy day most definitely!!


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    1. Thanks Krisa! I love how we still keep up through our blogs. YOu have always been such an encouragement to me!

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    1. Thank you friend. I got your "special" text today. Thank you for the "goodies"! : )

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  4. Can't wait to hear how everything goes! That is wonderful news about your thermometer rising!

  5. Had my follow up. Short and 40 mins late. Pretty much, things great with you, things great with transfer and embies looked great. Just not our cycle and he is confident we can be successful. Here is hoping. We will do July or Sept. Still thinking about it.

    1. That is great that you have the go ahead from Dr. K to proceed! I will be praying that July is your month!

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    1. Thank you Ashley. The Lord has blessed us with a good many donations. I pray we can get it all out on tables before 8 a.m.! lol! I will update tomorrow!


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