April 12, 2013

Rain Delay and Missed Call

Well today was pretty much a wash! The rain continued until mid morning, so we chose to not have the sale today and use today as an organizational day. I will take pics after it is all set up tomorrow morning. We have a few families coming to help in the morning until about lunch time.

All of the kids have worked so very hard. The boys went and made multiple runs with Rhea in the trailer picking up loads of donated items. The boys hauled stuff, set up stuff, and now are sleeping outside "guarding" all of the donations. Rebecca has been amazing helping price and care for the littles. Elizabeth is a huge help. If she isn't helping with Sarah, she is getting drinks, carrying boxes and helping keep things picked up. She always has a smile to share, especially as we grow weary.

As I was busily working today, I missed the call from Dr. K for our phone consult. I was ready on time, but he was running a bit late and when he did call, I didn't hear my cell ring in my pocket when I was outside. So, I emailed the office to reschedule.

So, today was a wash of sorts as both "big" things for the day were postponed. We are grateful for the Lord's timing in everything and we look forward to the big sale tomorrow and Saturday and my rescheduled Dr. K appt. very soon.

Our goal for the weekend sale is $3,000. I will post tomorrow evening with an update!

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  1. Sounds like you have some amazing helpers! I hope the sale goes well today!


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