April 28, 2013


We had a great family day at our church picnic today. The weather was gorgeous here in our part of Texas. In fact, it was a bit on the warm side in the mid 80's with a bit of humidity. Then...we came home...

It was raining when we pulled into the driveway. We ran for it and as we all sat down to play a game of Farkle, the storm seemed to let up. It was quiet for a bit and then the hail came. I have been in an occasional hailstorm here and there, but nothing ever like this. Rhea's truck took the biggest hit and we will be calling the insurance company on Monday. The Suburban has lighter damage. We will need to get a roof inspection just to be sure all is well overhead. Of course the littles thought the hailstorm was super "cool" and loved watching out the door to see it all fall. They liked holding the ice in their hands and watching it melt. The boys put helmets on and covered their backs to go shoo the chickens that didn't get into the henhouse in time.

After the hail let up, it rained hard for about another hour. We saw that in parts of Houston there was severe flooding. It was one crazy storm!

On the EA front, I am on Lupron and Baby Aspirin (low dose aspirin) only now until Wednesday. If my u/s looks good, I will begin Estrace. We have some sweet friends who are hosting a yard sale for us this Thursday and Friday. We have Rhea's parents coming this week and the kids have their year end choir concerts this weekend. Levi & Rebecca are practicing for their piano recital the following week and Dustin takes his driver's test to get his "real" driver's license on Tuesday afternoon. Another busy week at the Robison house! : )


  1. That hail was huge! Crazy! Praying for your cycle!

  2. Wow! I'm glad you are safe! Sounds like you got home just in time!

  3. My goodness-what a storm! Glad you guys are ok. And I can't believe that your next FET is so soon...time truly does fly!

  4. Oh that's such a cute pic of your little girl with the hail! Glad you all stayed safe :)

  5. Yikes! That surely was some good size hail! Love the picture of Sarah! Sounds like things are crazy busy at your house like they are here at ours - miss you!!!


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