April 25, 2013

Birthdays, Dr. K appt., & Lupron

Dustin and Rebecca were born on the same day and this week we celebrated Dustin's 18th and Rebecca's 13th! We had a fun family day all together.

Dr. K and I finally had my follow up phone visit and it went very well. We agreed on a couple of concerns I had and we are all set to come for our 5/21 transfer. I started Lupron this week and stop the OCPs tomorrow. My first U/S & labs are on May 1st. If all is clear, I will start Estrace that day. We still have some fundraising to do and will be posting more things to ebay this week. Good thing, because the NEDC office emailed today that they are ready for our FET payment by next Wednesday!


  1. Not much longer now!!! My FET should be that same week. :)

    1. Jess, That's great! I need to catch up on blogs and look forward to reading your details!!

  2. Hi Guys!
    I have just entered the "blogging world" as well as Embryo Adoption! Our first transfer will be on May 21st as well!! I'm friends with Kristine (ThomasFamilyChronicles). She recommended I "meet" you either on the blogs and/or hopefully in Knoxville!
    Also, I bought several bags of coffee and a coffee tin from your fundraiser site...great idea! :)

    My blog is called "Milagro Adoption" meaning "miracle adoption" :)

    1. Hi Naomi,
      Kristine has told me so much about you! I look forward to meeting up with you in Knoxville in May. You were so very kind to purchase coffee. What a blessing to our family! We are both getting so close for this trip!

  3. Happy birthday Dustin and Rebecca! So glad you were able to have a family fun day amidst all the fundraising and preparation for your upcoming transfer! Hugs!

  4. Happy birthday Dustin and Rebecca :)

    So excited things are moving along. I hope you can get the fund raising. I know how hard it can be but if it's meant to be, it'll happen. :) Much love and prayers.


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