March 22, 2013

Our 2nd EA Transfer Story

The weather was absolutely gorgeous in Knoxville the morning of our transfer. I confess that I was full of fear and anxiety going in to our FET with Sarah, though Rhea and I had some dear friends through texting and phone calls all through the night and morning before Sarah's transfer remind us of God's truths and point us back to the Scriptures. Rhea and I stayed in touch with these same dear friends through this transfer, but in a completely different way. Rhea and I were not anxious, worried, or fearful this trip. We were just super excited though I did have quite a few butterflies an hour before we went, but they were the kind of butterflies of pure excitement.

With smiles and me feeling a bit woozy from the valium I had taken 30 minutes prior, Rhea drove us to the NEDC for our appointment. I was taken to the back promptly, changed into a hospital gown and had all my vitals taken by a nurse. Next, Dr. Keenan & Carol the embryologist came to visit with us about our embryos. Our little ones were stored 2 per straw. Carol thawed the first straw of two and one little one did not make it. She then thawed a second straw and both of those survived. She then showed us a picture of our beautiful babies and explained the grades she gave each of them. She also explained what each of the letters and number meant, but I have to say I didn't retain much because my mind was very marshmallowy from the Valium.

Within a few minutes, nurse Katie came to wheel me into the procedure room. The actual prep for the procedure takes the most time. The actual transfer is completed in less that a minute. After the transfer, I was wheeled back to recovery where Rhea was waiting for me. He quickly gave me a kiss and touched my tummy and smiled. We stayed in recovery and prayed and stared at the photo of our babies. When I was allowed to get up, I dressed and then had a couple of pictures taken and said goodbye and left.

We left to go eat lunch at a fabulous restaurant. It was a loved local establishment. Those are the kinds of places we like to find when we travel. Rhea and I both agree that the burgers we ate were most definitely in the top 2 of best burgers we had eaten of all time. (for me it was #1, for Rhea #2).

With full tummies, we went back to the hotel and I slept the rest of the afternoon. With Sarah's transfer, I did not cramp very much, but with this one I have had quite a bit of cramping. The nurse said this is very normal and expected. We had a light dinner since we pigged out at lunch. We laughed because we went to Texas Roadhouse while we were in Tennessee. It was in the parking lot of our hotel and so not only was it close, but I knew I could get their grilled chicken club salad and be quite content. We had a wonderful waiter and after a cup of decaf and some wonderful conversation together as a couple, we walked back to our hotel and Rhea put me back to bed!

Our flight to home to Texas was early yesterday afternoon. Walking through the airport my cramping increased and I could tell I had a low grade fever. The fever went away before I got home, but I am remembering how my reaction to PIO started last time. I started with off and on low grade fevers through the beta. Then between 4-6 weeks pregnancy my fever stuck around and slowly crept up to 101. At that time, the RE we used for Sarah's transfer took me off PIO and switched me to Crinone. Dr. Keenan said he wanted to try me again on PIO this transfer, but with a different carrier oil. I am currently injecting 1cc 2x a day of progesterone in cottonseed oil. We are praying my body can accept this carrier oil. I have no redness or knots or inflammation at the injection sites at all. So far, so good there!

We are home now. We are grateful to some precious friends for holding down the fort and caring for our kiddos while we were gone. We have a full weekend and I knew if I didn't make the time this morning to journal our trip, I probably wouldn't get to it for a good while. : )

Our appointment for blood work is 3/29. I will have a beta (pregnancy test) and progesterone drawn. The office will call with the results later that day. Will I test at home before that date. Well those who know me, know that that is a very likely possibility. Rhea and I are discussing which day to test. I will let you know.

For those who do not understand the grading of the embryos, I will dedicate a post to explaining that next time. We all know however, that the Lord controls this entire situation and we pray only for His sovereign will to be done. "that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God." 1 Cor 2:5 We are blessed to be carrying these little ones for however long the Lord wills.

Rhea shared with me this morning a beautiful verse, "What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor 2:9  We have great hope that our babies will live, but we have greater hope in the One who brought us to this very place.

Here are some photos from our special day:

We chose the Manager's Special when renting our car online. We paid up front online for a compact or better. We paid the compact rate, but when we got to the desk, the man asked if we would like a Mustang convertible as our free upgrade. Rhea said that sounded good to him even though he is a Chevy guy ; ) It was nice car to have even though we didn't put the top down (temps never got above 50 degrees)!

Here we are waiting for Dr. Keenan and Carol to let us know about our tiny ones. I was so groggy from the Valium.

 Here are our babies who were transferred. They were all 5 day Blastocysts. The one on the left was graded 3AC and the 2 on the right were graded 3AA & 3AB

Here is a photo showing where the babies were transferred. The dark area is my uterus and the "+" is the exact area in my uterine lining that Dr. Keenan placed the babies.

Here we are with Dr. Keenan after recovery was over and we were about to leave. Yes, I was still groggy from the Valium!

and one more photo this time with our wonderful nurse Katie.

And now we wait for March 29th. : )

"May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins." Colossians 1:11-14


  1. Shannon, I was so excited to read about your transfer! I am praying praying praying that it is in the Lord's will for your babies to live! You are having your beta on the 29th and I am having my FET with adopted embabies on the 29th. How cool! Many blessings to you and your family! :) - Kelly

  2. Sending so many prayers!! I can NOT wait for more updates!


  3. Yay! You're pregnant! Praying for babies to stick :)

  4. Brings back so many memories! Praying for you and the miracles inside you!

  5. Yay! So excited for you guys! I'm praying for your babies to snuggle in, get comfortable and stick around for 9 months! Looking forward to your updates. We have our initial appointment at NEDC in May!

  6. so great to see a pic of Dr. K again!

  7. Beautiful transfer day story! I cannot wait to hear the beta results!!

  8. Replies
    1. honestly Kim? NERVOUS! I can't figure out symptoms on medicated FET cycles. My body sends the wrong signals! I have cramping off and on and that's about it for symptoms here. I was super tired after the transfer through 2dpt. Now my energy is back to normal. How about you?

    2. Like you not sure what is from pio and what is not. I started having frequent urination 2dpt and it is still going on. I am still exhausted since transfer. This morning I woke up nauseas. Had cramping yesterday, but only pinching and pulling on sat and a little today. I am tempted to do a hpt even more soon, but think I can hold out till friday. Another girl just got her bfp at 5dp5dt. I think 9dp3dt sounds good to me, then there should be no mistaking it. Feel free to email me if u want. (Bk_ Adoption AT yahoo dot com)

    3. Kim, I tried that email address. It wouldn't work after I took out the AT and DOT. Please email me at Thanks!


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